Our Bars

Public service announcement: the bar is open!

Out with the new, in with the old


Mobile bars make an amazing hub for socialising – they найти работу в омске bring people together, get them talking and there’s always a tale to tell the next day.

We chose steampunk style as we love how immersive it is, taking you away to a whole different world. We take on unusual vehicles and trailers, carrying out full renovations to create a unique space to relax and enjoy your event.

We’d like to introduce you to our Rusty team of bars, including Rusty Nail, Rusty Shack and Rusty Locker.

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How did we take these bars from their humble beginnings to the curiosities they are now? It took a lot of care, modest mechanics, copper and cogs. We reworked and recycled until we came up with the ideal mix of retro-futuristic style.

Now, reclaimed wood and shimmering metallics give our bars a real rustic feel. Copper embellishments are seen throughout and our rare trinkets adorn the walls. Soft lighting sets the mood – these old station lights have a rich history and nowAn internet essay writer is not write my paper much as some might think in composing of a requirement. This author is usually confined to writing in an essay format no matter how hard the material is. That isn’t to say they will not be helpful, because they can be. But they are often more useful to people who need help in writing and are much more specialized in their own writing.

they sit in pride of place, reflecting off the bar that is handmade from old coins.

Relax and savour the atmosphere, you’re sure to find a delight for the senses here.